Thursday, 12 May 2016

Daily Agenda (Tagesordnung) - Thursday 12th May 2016

Home Learning - Term 2 Week 2
- Pack for camp! The gear list is on the blog
- Check out Mrs. Hogg's blog post on Survival Kits and begin to make your own
- Weekly Quiz 11

Extra For Experts (Ex4E)
- TED-Ed - A guide to the energy of the Earth

Reminders - Tomorrow is Day 5
- UOI Summative Assessment Task presentations = Block 1
- Please bring in Survival Kits
- Tech / Arts = Block 4

Camp Reminders:
- Meet at 6:15am on Tuesday morning at the front of school
- Please bring all baking in an ice-cream container
- We will arrive back at BNMS approx. 2:30pm on Friday

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