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Term 2 2016

Term 2 Week 7 - List 12

Term 2 Week 6 - List 11

Term 2 Week 5 - List 10

Term 2 Week 4 - List 9

Term 2 Week 3 = N/A Due to Camp

Term 2 Week 2 = N/A Due to Camp Prep

Term 2 Week 1 - List 8

Term 1 2016

Term 1 Week 11 - List 7

Term 1 Week 10 - List 6

Term 1 Week 9 - List 5

Term 1 Week 8 - List 4

Term 1 Week 7 - List 3

Term 1 Week 6 - List 2

Term 1 Week 5 - List 1

If you have finished this weeks assignment here are a few tips to
 help you maximise your learning experience:

Look up a word, learn it forever. Got a word you'd like to learn? Look it up in our dictionary and click the "learn" button — It will be added it to your customised learning program. 

Make a list, learn it (and share it). Create a list of words you need to study and we'll help you learn them. Do a practice session to brush-up your knowledge before a quiz, or click the "Learn this List" button on your list, and we'll work with you over time until you master all the words in the list.

Find a list to learn. Search our Vocabulary Lists, and you'll find thousands of ready-made vocabulary lists that cover everything from current events to  popular literature.

Learn on desktop, tablet or mobile. Whether you use the website or our app for iOS or Android, your progress will seamlessly carry over when you switch from one device to another.

Join the competition! Check out our leaderboards to see how you stack up against other Vocabulary.com players.

Happy learning

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