Thursday, 12 May 2016

Aongatete Camp 2016 - Day 1 - The Big Walk In

Getting Ready For Day 1 - The Big Walk In
PYP Aims:
- Team work (Caring, Communicators, Cooperation)
- Test of stamina (Risk Takers, Open Minded, Commitment)
- Sense of achievement (Enthusiasm, Thinkers, Reflective)

- Wairere (North / South Tramp)
- 7-9 hours in duration
- Initial climbing for 90mins (Wairere Falls)
- Easy undulating walk for the rest of the journey
- Entire walk is under bush canopy
- Early start - 7:45am we begin walking
- Bus will depart BNMS @ 6:30am sharp (Meet @ 6:15am at the front of the school)

Gear: What to wear and have in your day pack! If you aren't wearing it, put it in your bag just in case!
- Three layer rule (2 polypro layers & jersey = not synthetic)
- Shorts (No long trousers)
- Long johns
- Long woollen socks
- Very comfortable footwear with decent grip (i.e. running shoes)
- Warm hat (beanie)
- Water proof raincoat
- Gloves (optional)
- Personal medication
- Plastic bag
- Survival Kit

- High energy snacks for morning and afternoon tea e.g. scroggin or nuts
- Sandwiches for lunch / other items (enough to satisfy your appetite)
- 1L of drink minimum (Sports drinks / energy drinks i.e. V, Red Bull etc are not OK)

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