Hausaufgaben - Home Learning (HL)

The question we all want to know... how much?

This is what we are all committed to here at Berkley: All students (regardless of what they say to the contrary) are given 20 minutes homework a minimum of three times a week. This is not a set amount, but rather in the nature of a challenge: “How much can I do?”

What will it involve?

Home Learning will vary, so it is good to keep an eye on the agenda to see what the 
current tasks are. It could involve:

Unit of inquiry (UOI)
Second Languages
Tech Arts (drama, media, visual art, food, materials, music)
Te reo Māori

It may need to be done by hand or it may need to be done digitally.
Work that is not done in class will also need to be finished outside of class hours.

Is it the parents/caregivers responsibility?

No. Here at Berkley, we want to prepare students for life by building independent young adults who take responsibility for their learning. There might be a letter sent home to indicate if work is not completed, but that is just to inform those at home. If a student is unable to get a piece of home learning completed due to a reasonable reason, no problem, just please let me know. Most pieces of home learning will need to be completed in order for the teacher to have an accurate view of how the students are progressing, so they may need to get an extension or catch up when they have free time.

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