Kreatives Schreiben - Creative Writing (HL)

How creative can you be? 

From time to time it is great just to write!

Why creative writing? - Writing creatively helps us to write on a variety of topics, shape our ideas, and the freedom to use different genres. Without even realising it we are able to explore choices made by our favourite writers and identify and use common writing conventions. You will see us applying these ideas in our own writing and use these language features to improve our skills.

Each time we look at a new prompt we must draw on our own personal experiences and knowledge to express ideas and meaning in our writing. We will get the opportunity to show an awareness of how written texts can explore different ideas and experiences from different perspectives.

What do I do? - Each week, a new picture prompt will be posted on this page. You are to prepare a piece of writing and deliver it to Mr Cameron my 9am Friday morning. Creative writing is about creating exciting, detailed, well-thought out stories that are enjoyable to the reader. Remember that this is the purpose of your writing.

Can I please type all of my stories? - As tempting as it might be to type all your stories, try to write most of them with a pen in your writing book. This will be of a greater benefit to you.

Let this video encourage you to write:

“Typing is a very fundamental tool that children do need to learn. However, they should not be learning it at the expense of handwriting.... It is not technology that is the direct enemy of the pen, it is our dependency on technology. And the greater we grow our dependency on technology, what we may soon find is that we’ve created the most technologically advanced way of creating illiteracy.”

I'm stuck! Can you help me? - Try something different. Change the purpose of the writing to help you with ideas. Here are some ideas to go from.


  1. That ....
    Was ...
    ME and my mum watched it together and we loved it sooooo much! HE presented it so well, he is such a good artist and all of what he said was true!
    Share it with as many people as you can, it deserves to be shared.