Friday, 13 May 2016

Sharing The Planet - Summative Assessment Task Presentations (Action In Room 9)

Meghana - Community For Change Day

Charlotte - Visiting Cambodia

Olivia - Save our power!

Emma - All year round Bee garden!

Rubeina - Plastic @ BNMS

Maya - Composting!

Robert - Hand washing!

Hannah - Bee's

Maria  - Take here survey here

Nicole - Rubbish!

Jamie - Create a sticker!

Jessica - Recycling

Madeline - Change!

Lorraine - Trash

Michael - Bottled Water - Check out his blog here

Logan - Worm Farms!

Stephanie - Rubbish

Shavana - Rubbish

Adam - Flyer!


  1. Wow - very impressive presentations Room 9!! Tau ke! (Awesome!)

  2. There are some wonderful ideas that we could all take on. Impressed with the presentation. I wish we recycled more at the school - can't stand those plastic and aluminium cans that are sold at the canteen. Claire :)

  3. Top effort team - you should all be very proud of yourselves!

  4. Thanks for sharing how you have responded to our last theme. I really liked how you have taken action and made a difference, well done.

  5. Fabulous Room 9! Humanity is lucky to have compassionate activists like yourselves out and about making change happen!