Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Literacy - Letter to Mum

6th February 1956

Karol Henderson
21 Traffic Rd
Ohio 1208
United States of America

Dear Mother,

I made it. We landed on the moon! It wasn’t an easy trip but this place is amazing. We landed at 7:01pm Ohio time. From lift off we exited the earth’s atmosphere and things were running smoothly, then we had an engine malfunction it was a scary experience.The moon has been fun though. We have been doing exploring and stuff and we don’t really have nice food and it’s harder to do things up here too. We have begun looking at some of the substances that are up here and have already discovered some amazing things.

My crew have all been adapting well to the conditions up here quite well. Mike has trying to fix the engine that is not really working at the moment, hope fully he can get it done in the next few weeks or our supplies will start to really get thin.

The landing was a rough one and we didn’t quite get to the spot that we wanted which is meaning we are having to travel a bit further everyday to do our research. But Mom the view from up here is amazing it’s like nothing I have ever seen before. I feel it really put in perspective about how small we are on our planet we you look at it from this far away, it kind of gives you a gage on how big our universe really is.

Anyway I hope you and Dad are fine and that everything is running smoothly on the farm. I will write another letter asap.

Love your Son

P.S. Don’t ask how I got this letter home from the moon.

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