Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Makuhari - Lesson 7 - Dare desu ka (Who is it?)

Theme: Family

- Talk about our own and other families
- Give and ask for ages up to 19
- Recognise & write the hiragana characters na ni nu ne no

What do you know about family life in Japan?

What is an 'extended family' situation?

Who do you think may be considered the 'head of the Japanese household'?

Watch the video below - Pay particular attention to the names for family members and how to give your age

Listen to the 1st part of the audio below  (Lesson A - Listening Comprehension - Michelle's Famiy) - You will hear a Japanese family being introduced - What did you notice?

Listen to Lesson A again - Fill in the names of Mariko's family (listen again and then add in their ages)
Dare desu ka (Who is this?)

Nansai desu ka (How old are you?)

Task: Discuss the list of numbers below - What are the similarities / differences?
Listen to the audio again (Lesson B) - under each picture on Worksheet 2 you should write the correct number according to whose family is being described.

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