Thursday, 9 June 2016

Literacy - Time 1 - Mahy & Ihimaera

The Time Traveller

Where may have been, whether it be into the past or the future?

What are some of the things he has seen and people he has met?

Is he on a mission of some sort? Perhaps, if he is in the past and he changes something significant, it could change the future forever…

If you could travel back in time, would you change anything from your past?

If you could see into the future, what would you like to see yourself doing in 10 years time?

Why do you think the character is ‘plodding’ along? What does that tell you?

The Prompt

The traveller plodded slowly across the long, cobbled bridge. Rain spat from the sky, pounding against the cold road, mist and cloud blocking any sunlight that could brighten the occasion.

He could feel the clock digging into his back as he walked. It went everywhere with him, or rather he went everywhere with it. The clock was the key to everything; the key to moving through time and space. It was what had allowed him to see everything that had been, and everything that had not yet come to pass.

Life as a time-traveller had its benefits, but it also took its toll…

KQ - What language features stand out to you?

The Task: Do you chose to continue the story of the time-traveller? Or does another genre come to mind? i.e. Imagine you have just travelled through time into the past or future. Describe where you have just landed and how you feel.

Extension Activity

Sentence Challenge

Relative clauses… Can you use a relative clause to add extra information to a simple sentence?

E.g. The clock, which he carried with him everywhere, enabled him to travel through time.

The man was tired.

The clock was heavy.

The time traveller looked weary.

Task: Re-craft your writing to include at least 3 relative clauses

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