Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Deutsch - Summative Assessment Task - Group C

Summative Assessment Task - Deutsch

The time has come to put your knowledge to the test! 

The Brief: Working in a small group (2-3) you are to plan, craft, re-craft, practice & then present a conversation skit that is a representation of the content we have covered in Deutsch this term.

What would be a meaningful situation? Setting?

An example structure might be:

What is your name + reply
How are you + reply
Where are you from + reply

You will need to make it flow by using things such as 'and you', and you can decide whether your conversation is formal or informal. You can write it down if you need a guide or if confident just present it orally.

You should have all notes necessary for this in your books, on the class blog or on Duolingo

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