Friday, 27 May 2016

The Duel The Inventors Awaken (Simon Cooke)

Read the text below, glue it into your reading book and then complete the tasks.

Task 1 - Unsolvable! - The main character of the text has problems that he or she couldn’t solve. Choose two unsolvable problems, explain how the main character deals with each and why each one is impossible to resolve.

Task 2 - Pick a Theme! Discuss what the author seems to be saying about three of these topics or themes: behavior, friendship, family members, poverty, prejudice, survival, hope, peer pressure, illness, handicaps, talent. Write a response sharing your own views of these things.

Task 3 - Clues About Time! Reflect on how much time passes in your book. Skimming the text, find and discuss passages that show how the author makes time move.

Task 4 - Who Interests You? You board a train and discover you have the choice of sitting next to the main character or another character in the book. With whom would you choose to talk? Why? What would you like to ask the character? What would you tell him or her? (Remember, you don’t
have to choose the most admirable character.)

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