Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Room 13 (ICT) - Classroom Role Applications

The following roles are open to be applied / reapplied for.  Please complete the application form here 

These learners are Mr Cameron's right hand! You must be very responsible, have good attendance, and exemplary behaviour. Your primary job is oversee of all other classroom responsibilities. It is your responsibility to make sure all tasks are being completed to a high standard. You may be asked to report back to Mr Cameron at any time if students are not performing to expectations. You will be expected to greet visitors as they enter the classroom and include them in whatever task is being completed. At the conclusion of the Term you will be involved in interviewing and hiring for all open classroom jobs, training learners in their new roles, and setting expectations. You will also be responsible for any miscellaneous tasks assigned by Mr Cameron. This may include running errands, monitoring the class, handling duties of an absent student etc. This is a job that requires dedication, leadership and a great deal of self-management. 

Cubby Custodian
As a Cubby Custodian you are responsible for making sure that all tote trays are taken to desks and bags are placed neatly, with the exception that a student is absent. You need to check that all book boxes are organised, neat and in the right place. Once break has ended inspect all bags. If any lunch boxes or schoolbags are open and/or left out of the cubby holes ask the owner to come and put them away properly. After a lesson, check that all books are returned to the correct box and are stacked tidily. At the end of the day make sure that all tote trays are back in the assigned spots. Tidy cubby holes and book shelves and check for rubbish. Once you are satisfied that everything is neat and organised you may go home.

This position is for two responsible people who set the bar high for everyone else. Whenever the class is attending focuses, team hui's etc., these people will lead the way and represent our class. These two representatives, will also be team captains when we’re out for class games, and when we’re doing anything in a sporting matter. When our class is travelling around the school, the captains will lead the lines for the class to follow. The qualities that are needed for this job include, respect, leadership and having self-control. You must also be able to manage your time efficiently, have confidence, and be able to create a pathway for others to follow.

Tech Heads
You are responsible for setting up all technological equipment required for a lesson as instructed by Mr Cameron. It is your responsibility to turn on the SMARTBoard each morning and load up the class blog. Vice versa you are required to log out and then shut down the computer at the conclusion of each day unless instructed otherwise by Mr Cameron. Throughout the day you will be required to ensure that the SMARTBoard is switched off when not in use or is refreshed when it falls asleep during class time. You must be punctual each morning, responsible, have good attendance and excellent ICT skills. 

Daily Informer
You are responsible for loading the daily informer in the morning and read it out to the class. You have to be able to read clearly fluently and with expression so the class can hear you.You have to be organised an responsible to have this job. You have to make sure that Mr Cameron has added the 'Promotion' for Day 5 each cycle. You have to make sure the page is refreshed before you read it out. Before you start reading make sure all the students are quiet and listing

Fashion Police
The fashion police’s job is to check for school uniform requirements daily. To do this, as the class line up at different times during the day you must check their uniform. You must check for the following: only stud earrings in these colours, navy, silver, gold, black, white, green and jade, they also have to check for if you have your bottom button on your top is done up, uniform can’t be worn with mufti you either wear one or the other, your socks also can’t have any logo’s on them and your hair ties have to be the required colours. Black leather polishable shoes or roman sandals have to be worn while at school, school caps and hats are compulsory when outside at all times in terms 1 and 4, no bracelets or anklets to be worn only 1 wrist watch and chain or bone carving.

Homework Generals
Your responsibilities include checking homework before it goes to Mr Cameron as well as making sure all agenda books are signed at random days. All weekly quiz answers will be shared with you to be marked by Monday. Every day you will be required to load the 'daily agenda' on the SMARTBoard and discuss it with the class before it is written up.

Being a librarian is a dedicated job that includes organising the library books so that they sit in their assigned shelves for the next person to use. You are required to return and issue books for the other students promptly and without question and be able to put the books back to their organised places.You will make sure that the books on the trolley have no 'dog eared' pages and no rips or split seams and if any of these do occur you must be able to handle the situation and be able to find the person needed to fix the books.

For this job you have to be a good and sensible photographer. You are responsible for bringing your own device to school everyday. During the school day you need to take your device with you around the school to take photos of school work e.g teaming, tech/arts, class work etc. But before you take your photos you needs to ask for permission from the people you are taking photos of. At the end of the day you need to be able to send all your photos of the day to Mr Cameron.

You are responsible for correct use of the lights, appropriate usage of the heater, after consulting with the teacher, and making sure that no students sit less than a metre from the heater. You need to make sure that the windows are only open at appropriate times, e.g. windows closed when the heater is on. You also help the Tech Heads whenever necessary, like when they are away, and helping Fire Wardens, and during lockdowns, securing windows and doors, and turning off the lights. You must also turn the air conditioning in Rm 8A on and off, and make sure the laptops are properly plugged in and charging. You also need to make sure that all the lights, the heater, the AC in Rm 8A are off before you leave after school.

Desk Directors
In this job you are responsible for making sure that other people are cleaning their desk. In the morning we need to come in and take down the chairs and in the afternoon we need to put the chairs back up (unless Mr cameron is hosting a meeting). It is your responsibility to make sure that all desks are cleared at the end of the block prior to teaming and that you help the cubby custodians in ensuring that all tote trays are removed from desks. At the end of each day you must walk around each of the desks and ensure that all rubbish and any classroom materials are all in the right place. 

Fire Wardens
Fire wardens are responsible for helping Mr Cameron in closing the doors and windows. When you close the windows make sure that the top ones are positioned so the bottom of the panes are facing the concrete outside, also make sure the aluminium ones are closed properly so the seal is sealed correctly so both windows will minimise the exhaustion of CO2 and intake of oxygen. Join your partner at the front of the line.

Organisational Officers
You are responsible for passing out all class papers and books. Additionally, you may be asked to assist Mr Cameron in distributing classroom, lab, IT materials. You will be required to meet with Mr Cameron independently to review job specifics. You must ensure that any spare sheets are returned and filed with Mr Cameron each and every time. 

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