Friday, 6 May 2016

Makuhari Prep - Lesson 3 (Konnichi wa - Hello)

Theme - Greetings & Introductions

- Greet each other
- Introduce ourselves and others
- Recognise and write the hiragana characters a i u e o

Do you know any words of greeting in Japanese already, and any gestures Japanese people use when meeting and greeting each other?

1. Watch the video - Pay particular attention to greetings and introductions

2. Listen to the audio - What time of the day would each greeting be used?

3. Listen as various people are asked their names

4. Listen again and practice the pronunciation in the pauses (Follow along with the text below)
Turn to a partner (Onamae wa nan desu ka)

Task: Complete Worksheet 1 (Select the appropriate word or phrase for each situation illustrated & fill in the speech bubbles)

5. Listen to the audio

Task: Match the pictures to the audio you hear

Task: Write down a clock time on the post-it note. Find a partner as you move around the class and greet each other according to the time on the piece of paper.

6. The 5 vowel sounds

Do you know any other languages where the vowel sounds are similar?

Huge Hint: Stroke order is super important! Pay careful attention this. The strokes are numbered below - keep referring back to this. It is not a race to finish first. Once you are finished.... Highlight or circle your best character.

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