Friday, 13 May 2016

Aongatete Camp 2016 - Reading A Map

- Look at the map of the Kaimai area.

- Look at the key and identify the symbols.

- Find and discuss these symbols on the map

- Look at the blue numbers going down the side and across the map. What do these represent?

- What name is at the intersection of 57 & 32?

- How do we describe a point that is not on the blue line ?

- At what point does the Kaimai Rail Tunnel intersect the left hand side of the map?

- To state a coordinate I give six numbers - e.g. Stokes Peak is 532 251 Find other points of interest and give the coordinates

- What are the coordinates for Aongatete Lodge?

- Find a route from the start of our Big Walk In (Goodwin Road, Wairere%Falls) to  Aongatete Lodge.

- What obstacles will we encounter on the walk?

- How many junctions will we come to?

- Which direction do we go at each junction?

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