Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Aongatete Camp 2016 - Lesson 4

Keeping Together

- What stands out to you? Why would we do this? When is this going to be particularly important to follow?

Camp Scenario

Distribute green and red scenario cards to different students (Get into your camp groups)

- Designate a leader & tail-end Charlie.
- Take a walk around the school field.
- As your group moves around, when you hear a clap you must pause and deal with a red card.
- Group discusses options and find a solution (green card)

Before we go...
- What I think might happen...
- I must look out for...

Red Cards – Warnings, dangers, and hazards. (Possible solution)

- Lost/unsure of direction (Leader)
- Tired
- Dizzy, weak
- Raining
- Cold
- Blister
Green Cards – good to go!

- First aid kit
- Spare jumper
- Plastic survival bag
- Snacks, drink
- Map/compass
- Other (you will have to make a note of what this item will be)

Reflecting on the task!

What went well?
Sometimes I would...
I noticed...
I was surprised...
Now I know...

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