Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Aongatete Camp 2016 - Lesson 3

Who needs to know?

Questions / Key Points raised from video clip

Tell Someone (Where you are going)

If something went wrong:
- How would anyone know?
- How long would you have to wait?

Tell someone you trust:
- Your time and date of departure and return
- Your contact details
- Your car registration and where you’ve parked
- Your route, including how you are getting to and from the track
- The huts you plan to use
- Your group’s details
- The equipment you’re taking

And tell your contact as soon as you arrive home safely.

Outdoors Intentions for Land-based Activities


Although most trips into the outdoors go without a hitch, you need to be fully prepared so that if the unexpected happens there are appropriate measures in place to recognise there is a problem, alert the appropriate authorities and, if necessary, enable rescuers to find you quickly.

The New Zealand Outdoors Intentions process (endorsed by New Zealand's search and rescue agencies) provides 3 simple options which enable you to 'tell someone' all the details about your land-based trip into the outdoors.

Scenarios at camp:

- How could we apply this knowledge to going on camp at Aongatete?

- Would you expect to complete a form for each walk we take to the river?

- What could be alternatives to completing forms?

- What might happen if you suddenly realised that you needed to go to the toilet just before leaving on a bush walk. Do you quietly race off, hoping you’ll be back before the group leaves?

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