Sunday, 27 March 2016

TED-Ed - Term 1 Week 9

How poachers became caretakers - John Kasaona

In his home of Namibia, John Kasaona is working on an innovative way to protect endangered animal species: giving nearby villagers (including former poachers) responsibility for caring for the animals. And it's working.

1.What would the speaker John Kasaona call himself? A Himba, A conservationist, or a Namibian? Why?

2. According to Kasaona, what has Integrated Rural Development and Nature Consevation (IRDNC) accomplished?

3. What contributed to building a foundation for conservation in Namibia, according to Kasaona?

4. What does Kasaona mean when he refers to the word 'conservancies'?

5. What is the reason Kasaona gives that makes conservation so successful in Namibia?

6. Explain how improving the lives of local communities around the world can alleviate the problems of poaching and lead to conservation efforts of wildlife.

7. Explain how a new economy based on the respect of natural resources in the world can lead to improvements in education and infrastructure.

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