Thursday, 24 March 2016

Room 13 (ICT) - Exploring 'Sharing The Planet'

Room 13 (ICT) - Embed a video that relates to STP

Find a clip (Youtube) that speaks to you about our UOI - Sharing The Planet

Embed it into a post (Remember 650x450 in size)

Write a reflection as to how it reflects / explains your understanding of this UOI (Connection)

Explain how this may be used in our classroom (Quick Write etc)

Comment on at least 3 other posts from your classmates!


Find an article using Kiwi Kids News that relates to our CI (Hint: use the "Search site" in the top right hand corner - remember to use everything that you have been learning about in TD Skills with Ms Alloway)

Screenshot part of the article and embed this image in a post - link the image to the URL of the article.

Write a reflection as to how this article relates to our CI

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