Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Blogging Workshop Leader - Applications open now!

Consider yourself a blogging expert?
Fancy sharing your skills with others? Then this is the opportunity for you!

Applications are now open for Room 9 Blogging Workshop Leaders! 

What is it? - You will be responsible for:
- Planning, crafting, and preparing your presentation (You pick the topic!) - What skills would you like to teach others? i.e. embedding videos etc.
- Sharing the outline of your presentation to Mr Cameron so that it can be shared with participants
- Facilitating a breakout session (a 20-30min workshop in Room 8a with 5-10 students)
- Booking the necessary laptops and workshop space
- Creating any resources necessary
- Collecting evidence of the breakout session (ask the 'Paparazzi' to stop by)
- Reflecting on the experience

How does it work?
- Fill in the application form below (Due Monday 7th March 2016) expressing your interest in becoming a Workshop Leader
- Mr Cameron will then consider your application and then present a list of the break out topics which students can sign up to
- Workshop leaders will be given a list of interested participants and will then need to plan their breakout session accordingly.

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