Sunday, 13 March 2016

#16stubc - I can comment...

An important part of the Student Blogging Challenge is connecting with students and other classes by reading posts and leaving comments.

Comments allow you, and your readers, to engage in discussions, share thoughts and connect with your blog.

Most new bloggers find publishing posts easy and commenting harder! Your activity this week is to learn more about commenting and improve your commenting skills!

What makes a good comment?

Comments transform your blog from a static space to an interactive community. Commenting is one way a blogger can create conversations.

Your readers leave a comment that hopefully asks questions (which encourage conversation), you reply back to their comments on your blog, then visit their blog to read their posts and engage with them on their blog.

The better your comment the more chance you have in creating conversations.

Start by watching either of the following two videos on Commenting.

Now visit Huzzah’s Commenting Guideline to learn some more commenting tips.

Below is an example of a comment from Huzzah’s blog that shows how to include your blog URL in your comment.
Have fun completing all the tasks! Don't forget to read all the instructions and spend time exploring all the links - Mr C

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  1. Hey Mr.Cameron,
    I just wanted to say I am really excited for the #16stucb this year.