Monday, 29 February 2016

Who We Are - Logos & Mottos

Find Out About Logos

What is a Logo?
A logo is a sign, symbol, trademark or badge which conveys the identity or ownership of a product, company, campaign or concept in as memorable a way as possible.

How are logos used?
A logo can be used in many different forms, sizes and contexts. For example, the logo for a hotel could be printed on a letterhead or menu, embroidered onto a napkin or jacket, embossed on metal cutlery or illuminated as a huge neon sign on the side of the building.

What are the basic qualities of a good logo?
A logo should be simple so that it retains its clarity of design in different contexts. If it is too complicated, its details may be lost when it is reduced in scale. Also, a simple logo design is faster to read, easier to remember and consequently more instantly identifiable.

What is the main function of a logo?
A logo should convey an immediate and memorable identity.

Take a closer look at our own school's logo

What symbols and colours does our school have in its log and why? Find out and write a brief explanation. The structure of this explanation is up to you.

Take a look at the new proposed logo for our school. Find out the meanings/intentions behind it. You might like to send Mr Leith a list of questions related to this for him to respond to.

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