Monday, 29 February 2016

Room 13 - Ways Individuals & Groups Represent Themselves

Throughout history people have used sounds/music, designs and/or symbols to represent themselves, the things they made or did for others, their family, their clan, their tribe, or their nation.

Signs or designs were a sort of picture language that could be understood and remembered easily. Similarly music could be easily understood and created a language of sorts that could be understood by all regardless of the language they spoke.

In the days of the knights in armour, knights and kingdoms had heraldic designs. Click on the link on this page for more information or have a go yourself at researching heraldic designs.

Task: Find out about how New Zealand (As a nation) represents its identity and reflects the relationships and diversity of its people by clicking on the following links

Ways in which communities are reflected:

New Zealand Coat of Arms.PNG


School Murals

Trophies / Sculptures

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